Burgundy Visuals


Combination Shoot: Headshots


After we AmaYah and I decided to align artistic forces we knew that the development of our brand and identity will have to come with patience. We couldn’t decide overnight what our logo would represent, the mission and story we want to share with the world, and the roles we will play in our business idea.


Yet, before any of that happened we receive dour first client! Now, the first client we booked actually happened a month or so after we seriously considered meshing our skills. Ironically, our first client was also came from the population and demographic of my last serious full-time occupation- teaching.


Adella was our subject and her parent’s Robert and Mildred supported our services. We provided headshots and comp-cards for Adella as she is pursuing her child-acting career.


We combined our session with multiple looks, two perspectives provided by two shooters, and natural light plus a brief studio session. Yes, we have it all and the access to do much more!  


Having a teaching background made it easy for me to fraternize with Adella and her younger sister who ended up being my on-location assistant.


Once the ball got rolling, AmaYah and I caught Adella from all angles and supported each to her through light diffusion and fill as we pursued the perfect shot to represent Adella.


Action played a good role in helping Adella step out of her nerves and jump into her role.


The studio and natural light photos were captured all within the same location.

Final results!


Louis Bryant