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“People should fall in love with their eyes closed.” - Warhol

There’s this expectation of magic and surrealism that swirls around the main subjects of a wedding: The bride and groom. There’s also an extension of self that needs to be regulated. On one part there’s this being that must see everything through with precision and exactness, we coin that term: Bridezilla. The other part is reveling in the aura of joy and only registering this is a joyous, maybe the most joyous moment of their lives.

From the beginning, Katie was as cool as it gets to a bride. In fact, her exact words to secure our wedding photography services were “do my wedding!” Naturally, there’s follow up and paperwork and packages, yet Katie was as cavalier and cool as ever.

We traveled from Oakland, California to the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and luckily it was an abnormally warm weekend. Our excitement level was on high and I can only imagine whirl of emotions and thoughts that occur within a bride’s head.



Getting ready for the big day started in the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. The location of Katie, our beautiful bride to be,  was ideal for shooting as the hotel provided ideal soft lighting to compliment the setting. Just outside the window you can get a glimpse of the wedding ceremony location as it is just across the river that is connected by the Andy Warhol Bridge.


Katie among her bridesmaids was reminiscent to when I met her years ago. The playful and fun atmosphere her leading ladies provided kept Katie relaxed and light. She along with the other women of the room were getting hair, make-up, and clothing assembled, but without haste.


As she readies herself for her gown, Katie flashes ruby red lips that have a striking semblance to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Her red lips bursts through our lenses that are easily complimented by the almost aquatic aura of her eyes.

A few doors down the gentlemen were encompassing the same joy and revelry, but in their own way. As Vince Vaughn displays his coaching skills in the film Dodgeball in the background the guys are uncovering the mysteries of bow tying. Beer cans crack and toasts mark a sign for a new and wonderful life.


Once, the parties were ready the venue just cross the river was set and ready for the events to come.  The museum was decorated using beautiful and simply designed centerpieces created by Katie. In fact, every bridesmaid’s bouquet was handcrafted from Katie’s creative hands. Their classy look included a shawl, broach, and various shades of silver/gray to compliment the evening’s theme.

After a very intimately lit wedding ceremony in front of friends and family gathered in the museum’s theatre, the fun began with the words, "I Do!"


Then we made our way to the exhibitions floors for portraits!

Which led in to the traditional photos with family.


The reception was in the lobby space that features iconic Warhol exhibits.

The intimate moments amongst hundreds of eyes was best captured in this setting where light and dark balance for attention. The contrast created some isolated moments that we are able to share.


This marking the FIRST wedding AmaYah and I have captured together as Burgundy Visuals and it certainly won't be our final. The experience being with such great energy and our eyes complimenting each other’s abilities. We have had such a wondering experience capturing their Katie and Chris' wedding day.