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Burgundy Visuals is an artistic blend that effortlessly captures connections, moments and subtleties in a dual-perspective approach. Our goal is to create the seamless connection between your natural presence and your ease in front of the camera. We value and cherish the relationship with our clients and consider your level of comfortability to be the key factor to creating genuine imagery.

We chose burgundy because we feel it fully encapsulates the feeling we want to emit as well as capture - smooth, warm, bold, and full of ardor.

Q: How would you describe your photo style?

A: We would say it’s a mix between photojournalistic (capturing candid, genuine moments is our main priority) and artfully posed shots when we have a vision in mind.

Q: How would you describe “your bride”?

A: Our bride ranges from a rustic, string-light, woodsy bride, to clean, bold, red-rose classic bride. We are also reaching into the fine arts, airy & ethereal bride as well. Overall, it really depends on what each bride is looking for and what their wedding theme/aesthetic & personal preference is!

Q: Why do short videos over full, feature length ones?

A: We believe that short videos are simply more versatile. In all reality, you will only watch a feature length video maybe 2-3 times within 1 decade! With a shorter, recap style visual, you’ll get the same butterflies, nostalgic feel and important, touching moments of the day but in a format that you will watch over and over as well as share with friends, family, and social media.


amayah harrison

is Sfsu graduate with a b.a in photography and african american studies. she has international experience and captures her subjects with honesty and beauty. a true compliment to the positive energy in life. her visuals combined with raw and authentic film use reach earthy depths into art, creativity and humanity.

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Louis bryANT III

is an international photographer and filmmaker based in the Bay Area. He has spent a good deal of his young career traveling the world - Asia, Latin America and Africa and reflecting a smile to the faces of people along his pathway. Compassionate connections come natural to this artistic free spirit. Even long after departing ways Louis proactively sustains the connections established with his subjects & clients.

Client List —

Uprise Travel
Rustic Pathways
SDL Tours
Traveltrunk, Inc
Inka Paradise Hotel
InDance Magazine
Edsource Magazine
Thrival World Academies
Radical Grandma Collective


Travels —

Dominican Republic
Costa Rica
South Africa

It’s how you connect to people, not just on camera, but truly invest in them... that’s what makes your photography captivating
— Eric Bragg